Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Where has the time gone???

My little princess is going to be 3 next week! I am still shaking my head in disbelief. The time has gone by so quickly!

She is starting school the day after Labor Day. She will be attending early childhood education class half days at our local school district. I have been busy buying school supplies, getting her school physical and preparing myself for the day she will be getting on the bus for the first time. I know I am going to cry. My baby is going to school!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Just checking in....

I haven't done too well at keeping up on my blog like I vowed I would, have I??? I just can't seem to find any extra time to sit down and write these days! Since insomnia has the best of me at 3:00am and the house is quiet I thought I had better do an update.

I had my 1 year post op gastric bypass appointment last week and all went well. My bariatric surgeon was very impressed with my weight loss. My Body Mass Index has gone from a whopping 66.2 to 34.94. I have lost more than 60% of my excess weight.

The pictures I have posted were taken in his office, they are my one year compairision shots of my weight loss. Excuse the poor picture quality, they were scanned from a paper picture.

I have been having some very bad pain issues in my back and tailbone, my surgeon feels that my increased pain is due to the weight from my deflated excess skin. My point of center is off and it is all pulling me forward in the front. Sorry...I know that is not a pretty picture! Just keeping it real. He wants me to have a plastic surgery consult for a tummy tuck and *gasp* a breast reduction. Next stop: plastic surgery consult. I am planning on going in next month.