Sunday, October 14, 2007

~ Insomnia can be a good thing ~

I used to think having insomnia was an awful thing to deal with. After many years of trying to fight it every way I knew how. Sleeping pills, herbal remedies, warm milk, reading, a warm shower, etc.. Nothing ever seemed to help me. This past few months I have learned to embrace my insomnia. Maybe it is because with a one year old the wee hours of the night are the only time our home is completely quiet.

I have been able to get some craft projects done in the middle of the night when sleep will not come to me. I thought I would post a few pictures.

I made the frame as a Christmas gift for a very special friend that I met online. Her favorite color is pink so I tried to incorporate some pink vintage "jewels" on it.

I made the mirror for wedding gift for my friends wedding. My friend admired my mirrors and frames a few years ago when I was making them. I am hoping she didn't just say "WoW! I really like your work, those are soooo cool!" just to make me feel good. I have never given a handmade gift as a present for a wedding before. They have everything they want materially, what would could I possibly buy them? I guess I am doubting myself a bit.

If you have a chance drop me a comment and let me know what you think.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Chocolate overload!!!

This picture was taken a few weeks ago. Carl loves chocolate and has some almost everynight. He buys big Hershey bars and breaks off a piece for his late night snack. It always amazes me that he can still fit into 32 inch waist jeans with his fondness for chocolate. In anycase, one evening he dropped his chocolate and searched all over. It was no where to be found, that is until the next morning when our little chocolate hound found it in her toybox! When I snapped this picture she looked like she was intoxicated by the chocolate. It was her first taste of chocolate, she wore as much of it as she consumed.

~ Apple Fest ~

What would Fall be without a trip to the Apple Barn for the annual Apple Fest? I took Cody when he was little and he has good memories from our trips to the Apple Orchard. This was Carl and Lily's first trip. It was the perfect Autumn day, Indian Summer in Southeastern Wisconsin. Blue Skies and 72 degrees. The picture of Lily and Carl was taken during the hay ride. The tractor which is made over to look like a train pulled us through the apple orchard and pumpkin patch. They had crafters set up out on the lawn, face painting, a tent which was serving bratwurst and chili dogs and a man playing oldies on his saxophone. Inside the apple barn they had fresh apple cider, apple donuts, homemade caramels, and various treats. I was feeling well, and it was a nice getting out.

My kids.....

Cody hates this picture, but it is one of my favorites. He is such a good big brother to his baby sister. It makes me so proud. He wasn't too happy when he first found out I was pregnant. He was scared because I am older and have been ill for a long time. Once Lily arrived, things changed. He loves her so much.

My first entry....

I have finally decided to give blogging a shot. I want to create a blog primarily for my children. I guess to save my words and wisdom (ha) for them. Losing my parents so young, I have realized how short and fragile life really is. So Cody and Lily this is for you!!