Thursday, July 23, 2009

Happy Thursday!

Just a quick post & a new picture. This was taken last month on the night before Emily went back to Canada.

Not too much new and or exciting to report here. I have now lost 185 pounds and nearing my one year anniversary of having Gastric Bypass. I am happy with my progress although I am finding the weight loss to be slowing down. That means I need to step up my exercise.

If any of my blog readers are gastric bypass patients I highly recommend Focus28 products. They are incredible! High in protein and high quality. I believe they have been beneficial in helping me stay on track and keep me healthy.

Well, I am off to go find a few treasures (hopefully) at some rummage sales this morning. Wishing you all a happy Thursday filled with sunshine and peace! Jen

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LiveLaughLoveCj said...

Jenn so proud of you! I am - I can't believe it's almost a year!
And Honey You Wear It Well!!! :) (hugs)