Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday Night Ramblings....

Emily is getting adjusted to living here and seems to be happy with her new home. That makes me incredibly happy too. She is having her first sleep over tonight and is excited to have a friend over for the night. The girls are watching "The Mummy" and soon I will be making popcorn and treats.

I have been keeping busy as usual playing "mom taxi" and getting ready for my upcoming sinus surgery on May 15th. I made the mistake of looking online for information on the sinus surgery. I am scared to death of having this done now, if only I hadn't watched the darn youtube video! UGHHHHHH I should have known better. I wanted to be prepared, I am prepared alright and scared stiff to boot! Most of the people who have had this done have commented on how excrutiating the pain is for about 2 weeks but once you get past the intial 2 week pain you will feel a lot better. For some reason, this is not comforting to me!

I go to see my doctor next week for my pre-operative exam, sinus ct, and all the testing that has to be done prior to surgery. I am going to ask her if I really need this done even though I know the answer is going to be YES.

Mom duty calls...time to nuke the popcorn and make some Rice Krispie Treats for the girls...I am enjoying every minute of it!

Sunshine and Peace, Jen

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