Friday, February 6, 2009

Tell em' Luvey Sent You!! ~ Focus28

Most of you that read my blog and my posts on know how much I LOVE Focus28 Bariatric Products! Their products are absolutely outstanding, top quality and taste great. I truly believe that the protein products from Focus28 are helping me lose my weight and are keeping me healthy.

Some of my favorite products are: Protein Hot Chocolate, Protein Cappuccino, Sour Cream Crunch O's, Protein Cheesecake and Protein Caramel Pudding, Chewable Multi Vitamin designed for bariatric patients, and Chewable Iron.......I really like everything they have to offer!

To check out their website, click the link on my blog. If you decide to order, you can use this code to receive a 10% discount: luvey10

Discount code good until 03/31/09

You won't be disappointed!!

P.S. Focus28 is also available on ebay. Discount code is not applicable on ebay purchases. The Focus28 ebay webstore is located at:

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