Wednesday, February 4, 2009

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After having endometrial ablation surgery 15 years ago, the doctors told me that I would never be able have any more children. I was deeply saddened, but, accepted the fact that I would only have one child.

My husband always wanted children of his own, but, married me knowing that I could not have any more.

"Pregnancy after endometrial ablation is uncommon, with an estimated rate of 0.7%.1 These pregnancies have been associated with complications such as disorders of abnormal placental adherence, hemorrhage, preterm delivery, and hysterectomy. Although rare, planned pregnancies following endometrial ablation have been reported, but most are unintended and quite complicated. A 49% termination rate has been reported for pregnancies conceived after endometrial ablation." Marta C. Kolthoff, MD; Harold C. Wiesenfeld, MD, CM

In the winter of 2005, I was feeling extremely ill. I kept going to my doctor for a variety of things, from fatigue, difficulty swallowing, crazy dreams & nightmares, nausea and just plain feeling lousy. I must have seen her 4-5 times. Each time I mentioned that I had missed my "monthly" and she would say: "Well, you are over 40, overweight, and on a lot of medication. I wouldn't worry about it."

Finally, during a visit to my doc in May of 2005, she decided to order some tests. We thought it might be heart related because the chest pressure was getting worse and I have a family history of heart disease. She ordered a nuclear cardio-lite stress test.

Just thinking of them starting an IV and injecting me with some substance called Cardiolite sent me into a panic. I told the doctor I will have the test, but, just for the heck of it, I want a pregnancy test first. She ordered the pregnancy test.

When the lab tech came out with my test results, the printed page she gave me said "POSITIVE HCG". I said to her "What does that mean?" Now, after working in a hospital for 8 years, I certainly KNEW what that meant. It just wasn't registering!

My doctor called the lab and had them send me right over to radiology for an ultrasound. The ultrasound showed that not only was I pregnant, I was 20 weeks pregnant! Can you imagine being 5 months pregnant and not having a clue? It was a very difficult pregnancy, I gained 120 pounds *gasp* on my already heavy body. I was an inpatient for 35 days in the hospital on bed rest and complications after delivery. Our little miracle Lily Rose arrived 7 weeks early, weighing 4lbs 15oz and was in NICU for over 2 weeks.

Some days I have to pinch myself to believe that I am a 45 year old mother of a 20 year old and a 2 year old! My children were my motivation to have my weight loss surgery. I want to be around to see Lily grow up and to see Cody be successful in life, first he has to figure out what he is going to do! (I hope he figures out soon!)

I am just over 6 months post op RNY gastric bypass and have lost 144 pounds.

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