Friday, January 30, 2009

More surgery for me.......

I went in to see my surgeon for my 6 month post op gastric bypass surgery on Thursday. The great news is that I have lost 143 pounds and all of my lab work (iron level, B12 level, etc.,etc.) came back normal.

The bad news is that my hernia is worse since losing so much weight. The plan was to have it repaired about a year and a half after my surgery so that they could do a tummy tuck at the same time. That isn't going to happen now, my surgeon wants to repair the hernia as soon as possible. He said it is pretty bad and I could get really sick if I don't have it fixed soon. He wanted to schedule it before I left the office....

I am trying to delay it til' March because we have so much going on here, and well, to be honest.....I am not too keen about having to go under the knife once again especially so soon after my last surgery!


Lissa said...

Congrats on losing **143** Sorry about the hernia, but you must do what you must do. Take care of yourself, be positive & know if u have to get it done now-it was meant to be! You are beautiful:)

Lori @ The Downs Gang said...

babe! I am so glad your blood is okay! But bummer about the hernia! Do the inlaws really have to come at this time? They couldnt wait till later?

I have something excititng for you though, go check out my post on the tiny

Christine @ Live Laugh Love and Bloggings said...

My luvey Jenn:

You know I want only the best for you and I'm thrilled with your weight loss and blood levels! WOOT WOOT!
However, this hernia business concerns me, I so don't want to see the complications if you wait! I know life is full of changes right now, but please, please take good care of you! Emergency Surgery would be no fun either if this thing gets worse. Much better under controlled circumstances.

You know I'd do anything for you, I wish I lived closer so I could help you out - I would in a heartbeat!
Know that I am there with you in heart and in spirit. Please keep me posted okay?
You are loved and adored. What an inspiration you are to so many of us!

Anonymous said...

Aw Jennifer, I'm so sorry about your hernia, but Christine is right, you must take care of you. Your doctor has your best interests in mind. Please take care of yourself, I wish I were closer too so I could be there to help you. Please know I'm here if I can do anything. Always here if you need me, just email me, okay?