Friday, January 16, 2009

My weight loss story featured on Focus28 website!!

I have some exciting news to share this evening. A few months ago I discovered the most wonderful healthy products made by a company called Focus28. I am using these products to help me obtain my weight loss goal. They are delicious, nutritious and high in protein. It is really important for weight loss surgery patients, or anyone who is trying to lose weight to make sure your diet high in protein.

My weight loss story including a few pictures are featured on their website blog, and I will be blogging for Focus28 each week with my continued weight loss progress, information and tips.
My blog posting on Focus28 is located at:

I hope that you will check out my blog on Focus28 when you get a chance, and PLEASE leave a comment there for me!

They are also hosting a fantastic giveaway, three lucky winners will receive a BIG basket of their products. You do not need to be a bariatric surgery patient to enjoy these products, they are awesome if you are looking to lose some weight! They also have excellent online tools to help you in to obtain your weight loss goals.

To sign up for the giveaway go to:

Sunshine and Peace ~~ Jen


The Downs Gang said...

wtg Jen!! I just know you will inspire someone over there with your journey!! I will check on you over there!!

Rona said...

I am so proud of you Jen. A real life spokesperson for a big company. You weight loss is an inspiration for all of us. Keep up the good work.